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Today's modern weddings are a unique blend of cultures with a personal tribute to  traditions. Weddings are an opportunity for the bride and groom to make a statement of style as they embark on their new life together.  Higher Calling Flowers & Events has designed an all-inclusive package to meet the requirements of any couple.  We also have a bespoke package to allow for an expression of distinctiveness and individuality.

The Gold Package

30 luxury table linen

300 chair covers with sashes

30 flower, feathers  Centrepieces

300 decorative Charger plates

30 centrepiece mirror plates

Exquisite top / head table

Exquisite backdrop with swags

Lighted  Cake table with bespoke skirt

Aisle way pillars

Aisle way décor

Stage design (optional)

Backdrop pillars 


Aisle runner carpet of any colour

Backdrop lighting   

Stage lighting 

Hall lighting  (optional)

Place card holder

Table number or names

Double napkins folded (paper) (cotton napkins also available)

Throne chairs or Sofa

Bride and Groom centrepiece candle wreath

The Silver Package

20 luxury table cloths

200 chair covers and sashes

200 decorative charger plates

20 centrepieces

Styled top or head table

Bespoke backdrop with swags

Decorated cake table

Stage design (optional)

Backdrop or stage lighting

Aisle Runner (any colour provided)

20 Centrepiece mirror plates


Full hall lighting (optional)

Place card

Place card /Table number holder

Double napkins folded (paper)(cotton napkins also available)

Sofa / throne chairs

Aisle way pillars

Aisle way décor

Backdrop pillars

The Bronze Package

The Bespoke Package

10 Table covers

100 Chair covers with sashes

10 centrepieces

10 centrepiece mirror plates

100 decorative charger plates

Decorated top table

Designed backdrop and swags

Red or any colour aisle runner

Cake Table décor

Table number stands

Table number place cards

Backdrop or stage lighting

Napkins (folded into great designs)

Throne chairs or leather sofa

This package is for the couple who want to create a unique style to their wedding.  This package can cater for a minimum of 50 guest.  Clients can choose specific items from the other packages to make up their own.